General 'do not interact' criteria

If you fall into this DNI, do not interact with me in any capacity.

  • Racist, this includes people who are against movements such as BLM & Stop Asian Hate

  • Anti-SJW

  • Anti-Semitic

  • Xenophobic

  • Zionist, this includes people who are against Palestine and/or are 'neutral' towards Israel's genocide

  • Ableist

  • Pro-cop

  • Pro-NFT

  • Pro-life

  • Pro-AI


  • Zoophile and/or you defend 'feral' NSFW content

  • Homophobic and/or just against LGBTQ+ communities in any capacity, including but not limited to TERFs, truscum, and exclusionists

  • Proship / anti-anti / comship / broadly apart of "proudly problematic" communities

  • Are 'tolerant' or 'neutral' to any of the above